Kat and her two "kids"

This year has been a great year so far! James and I had the privilege to travel with my parents to Washington state to visit my sister, her husband, and their two dogs Toby and Bailey.  We haven’t seen them for about two years since our last trip to Seattle.  Toby and Bailey (or as she calls them her “kids”) are Maltese bred half-brothers and are incredibly friendly!  I miss them so much…


Toby on the left, Bailey on the right.  Can you guess which is the eldest?  :O)



I can’t wait to go back and visit them again.  :)

- bjr


I just love springtime.
Beautiful colors all around.  Flowers everywhere.
The crisp, cool air.

Life is a wonderful blessing.

- bjr

Happy Wednesday!

I went to my first yoga class this morning at 9 a.m.  Being a photographer, my nights are usually spent at home in front of the computer catching up on office work until 1 a.m. or 2 a.m..  So it was a big challenge for me to wake up and get ready for the class that early… but I’m so glad I did!  I feel much more energized, relaxed, and ready to start the new day ahead.

Have a happy Wednesday, everyone!  :)

- bjr

My Sanctuary

Kalopa State Recreation Area  |  Honoka`a, HI

On Good Friday of Easter weekend, James and I decided to take a break from our busy schedule and do a little exploring of our home island.  We drove about 45 minutes north of Hilo to Kalopa State Park.  As we arrived, I immediately fell in love with this place — with its untouched natural beauty, lack of people, and crisp, clean, cool air.  I instantly felt an inner peace.

While exploring the park, we discovered a few cabins on the grounds.  A family of 8 stayed in this cabin.  They made it look like so much fun to camp here with the quality time they were spending together.  One day I shall camp here for a night or two with James and some friends.  :)

I am so blessed to live on this beautiful island and experience God’s beauty around me.  There is no doubt that I will be back to Kalopa Park again another day.

- bjr

March for Babies

March 21, 2010  |  Wailoa State Park  |  Hilo, Hawaii

Bright and early Sunday morning, I hopped out of bed (still exhausted from shooting a wedding the day prior!), got dressed, had some breakfast at a nearby restaurant, then headed over to Wailoa State Park for the March for Babies walk.  The morning seemed like it would be a beautiful day for a walk… until a light drizzle came and went… and then it downpoured near the end of the walk.  Regardless of the weather, everyone was enjoying themselves.



Thank goodness they had some coffee/ energy drinks there!  I couldn’t have gone through the morning without it!  :-D


Mayor of Hawaii County Billy Kenoi was there to give a little pep talk and join in on the walk and festivities.  

MOD-walk-2010-blog4.jpgMOD-walk-2010-blog5.jpgMOD-walk-2010-blog6.jpg MOD-walk-2010-blog7.jpg MOD-walk-2010-blog8.jpg


The halfway point…MOD-walk-2010-blog10.jpg

MOD-walk-2010-blog11.jpg MOD-walk-2010-blog12.jpgMOD-walk-2010-blog13.jpg

We were entertained by a local Taiko drumming group after the walk and some great door prizes were given away, such as Big Island Candies gift certificates, Sig Zane gift certificates, and gift baskets to name a few.  There was even a mini “breakfast buffet bar” for all those who crossed the finish line.

Thank you to Eden Patino, Hilo March for Babies coordinator, who organized the day’s events.  Great job!

- bjr