My Sanctuary

Kalopa State Recreation Area  |  Honoka`a, HI

On Good Friday of Easter weekend, James and I decided to take a break from our busy schedule and do a little exploring of our home island.  We drove about 45 minutes north of Hilo to Kalopa State Park.  As we arrived, I immediately fell in love with this place — with its untouched natural beauty, lack of people, and crisp, clean, cool air.  I instantly felt an inner peace.

While exploring the park, we discovered a few cabins on the grounds.  A family of 8 stayed in this cabin.  They made it look like so much fun to camp here with the quality time they were spending together.  One day I shall camp here for a night or two with James and some friends.  :)

I am so blessed to live on this beautiful island and experience God’s beauty around me.  There is no doubt that I will be back to Kalopa Park again another day.

- bjr

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